Isabel is a filmmaker and screenwriter from Barcelona. Studied Art History at Universitat Autònoma and Film and TV Screenwriting at Fundació Taller de Guionistas, both in Barcelona. She made her professional steps in film in London, where she lived for a few years, as Production Assistant and Assistant Director, meanwhile training in Film Direction at Raindance Film School and in Film and Media Studies at Birbeck University and British Film Institute. After, in Cuba, she took part of the Advanced Screenwriting postgraduate workshop at the very unique EICTV of San Antonio de los Baños, and since then she has never stopped updating. She is native bilingual Catalan and Spanish and completely fluent in English and Italian, as she has also lived and worked in Rome for some years. Since 2000 she happily works in film direction, screenwriting and visual and content research departments in international and awarded productions, mainly documentaries and commercials, but also art projects. In 2013 she moved to Berlin and from 2017 she is a founding member of the artists collective BIONICA! She currently lives between Berlin and Barcelona but works internationally.
Her work stands out for: strong storytelling, powerful images, special found footage, social awareness, authorial approach, creative challenges and positive teamwork.



Vocational writer and committed visual storyteller, aiming to portray most human and genuine sides of life. Engaged with reality, history, environmental responsibility and social awareness. Fascinated by found footage and giving it a new life.

(Visual) Researcher

Wide experience on all facets of research -images, content, production-: mood boards, archives, stock film, photography, concepts, characters, stories, locations, documents, press and particularly special footage and its licensing. High profile commercials and international co-produced documentaries.

Other Creative Work

Free-form creative mind and insatiably curious. Always willing to explore new forms of expression and to collaborate with all kinds of professionals and artists: AV installations, multimedia performances, theatre, Art projects…


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